The Lawn Mowing Service Frequency

Want a Lush Lawn Despite Your Pet’s Shenanigans? Know When to Mow!

Dealing with a stressed lawn due to your pets running around all day? You might wonder if mowing will make it better or worse. Mowing can be an essential part of keeping your grass healthy, but timing matters. To answer your first question, here’s how you can maintain a vibrant lawn through lawn mowing service:

The Signs of a Stressed Lawn

Look for patches of brown or bald spots. Sometimes, you’ll notice areas where the grass has thinned out. These signs often mean your lawn is under stress. Understanding the symptoms can help you make smarter decisions about mowing and other upkeep.

Select the Right Mower

The kind of mower you use can make a big impact. Choose a mower that cuts cleanly, rather than tearing the grass. This can reduce stress on the grass, making it more resilient to constant pet traffic. This is one reason to hire a professional lawn care contractor. Professionals have the tools for the job to ensure quality lawn mowing results.

Best Time for Mowing

The best time to mow a stressed lawn often varies. However, avoid mowing in the heat of the day. Early morning or late afternoon is usually ideal. This allows the lawn to recover before the sun comes out in full force.

Mowing Height Matters

How short you cut the grass plays a role in how well your lawn can handle stress. Mow your lawn higher than usual to give it a fighting chance against constant foot traffic. A healthier lawn can better survive the daily wear from your pets.

Regular but Mindful Mowing

Too much mowing can harm your lawn more than help it. On the flip side, not mowing often enough can lead to an unkempt yard. Find a balance. Consider the stress signs and adjust your mowing schedule accordingly.

Take the Next Step

Convinced you can maintain a lush lawn despite your pets? Turn to Joshua Tanner Lawn Care. Our quality lawn mowing service is just a call away from those in Hurst, TX. Contact us at (214) 263-4514 to book our services now!

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